Jacey M. - San Antonio, TX
“When I think of Katie, I cannot help but smile and feel a complete sense of gratitude. Katie is the most genuine person I know. Her care and love for people amazes me. She literally saved my life. After suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction and severe depression, I was able to become sober. When I met Katie I was still full of anxiety, fear, stress. Katie focused on cleansing my body, taught me how to properly eat and then added herbs and yoga to our plan. I instantly felt relief in all aspects of my life. The“

Marcia Mundell - Ontario, Canada
“I am on a journey to healing myself of MS through natural nutrition and healthy lifestyle. On this path to wellness I was so fortunate to have met Katie and am able to attend her clinic in Jupiter, FL.“

Rob W. - Florida
“I have spent the last few years defying the medical community. In October 2008 I was told my pancreatic cancer would likely kill me in less than a year. After some pretty complicated surgery, great doctors, and some luck as to my tumor type, I'm still here. I still practice martial arts, power yoga, walk 2 miles a day and travel all over the world. Now that my cancer has recently metastasized, I assume I'll be getting more "advice". After meeting Katie and implementing bodywork, I“

Carol K. - Juno Beach, FL