Jacey M. - San Antonio, TX
“When I think of Katie, I cannot help but smile and feel a complete sense of gratitude. Katie is the most genuine person I know. Her care and love for people amazes me. She literally saved my life. After suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction and severe depression, I was able to become sober. When I met Katie I was still full of anxiety, fear, stress. Katie focused on cleansing my body, taught me how to properly eat and then added herbs and yoga to our plan. I instantly felt relief in all aspects of my life. The ‘fuzzy’ feeling in my head subsided. My anger and sadness slipped away. I gained incredible levels of energy. I learned to nurture my body and mind with love and respect. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually I am a new person. My body literally radiates with health and I now see life through a whole new set of eyes. Katie has given me is a set of tools for my life that actually work. Katie is a true inspiration and angel. We are forever grateful and blessed!“

Marcia Mundell - Ontario, Canada
“I am on a journey to healing myself of MS through natural nutrition and healthy lifestyle. On this path to wellness I was so fortunate to have met Katie and am able to attend her clinic in Jupiter, FL. Katie is so knowledgeable in Chinese herbalism, nutrition, cleansing the body through Colon Hydrotherapy and other protocols. I am in awe of her Yoga practice. She is the poster girl for health and vitality. I trust her opinion when it comes to adding any herb or natural supplement to my regime as she knows so much about all of it. She invests her time in researching and continuing her education in this field for the sole purpose of helping others on their paths to health and wellness. Since meeting Katie, I have become so much better both in physical and emotional health.  I have never felt more clarity and vibrancy than I do now! I love having her on my team and I highly recommend her expertise to anyone. She is a shining star in my life.  Thanks Katie... you mean the world to me.“

Rob W. - Florida
“I have spent the last few years defying the medical community. In October 2008 I was told my pancreatic cancer would likely kill me in less than a year. After some pretty complicated surgery, great doctors, and some luck as to my tumor type, I'm still here. I still practice martial arts, power yoga, walk 2 miles a day and travel all over the world. Now that my cancer has recently metastasized, I assume I'll be getting more "advice". After meeting Katie and implementing bodywork, I’ve been able to keep my body strong and manage my inflammation but more importantly improve my mental state. Working with Katie for the past year has been awesome. Not only is she skilled at what she does, she's great to talk to. She must be a great listener 'cause I rarely shut up. In the past year she not only helped eliminate my chronic back and stomach pain, but got my right shoulder functional with specific strategies after a I partially tore my rotator cuff. Thanks Katie!!“

Carol K. - Juno Beach, FL
“Katie’s positive, firm, and caring approach to Yoga instruction was exactly what I needed to begin to unlock my physical potential, deepen my practice, and bring a sense of calm to my life. Katie’s extensive knowledge of herbs and nutrition gave me the belief I could easily reach my goal of becoming "medication free" and have the tools to successfully get off cholesterol and arthritis medication. Katie introduced me to a smoothie mixture along with a customized blend of herbs that boosted my energy level within days. What an incredible turning point! In 6 months’ time, my cholesterol dropped 19 points and I lost 10 pounds. Another 6 months passed, another 9 points lower and a reduction of my cholesterol medication in half. This journey with Katie has been an empowering process – a few simple changes has rewarded me with extraordinary results. With Katie as my partner, I am well on my way to achieving my goals. I know I will live a healthier and more satisfying life. Thank you, Katie!“