About Katie

KATIE MCLAUGHLIN combines her knowledge and expertise to empower individuals to take responsibility for their life.  Katie is the co-founder of Alchemy Wellness Center in Jupiter Florida, a comprehensive alternative health and wellness center specializing in detoxification and life enhancing strategies.  Katie's continuous research and passion creates an unparalleled environment for attaining each individual's ultimate goal of health and vitality.  Katie is best known for her simplistic yet effective strategies on wellness and high performance living.

Katie's journey and mission of living in truth facilitated the progress of addressing her own deep rooted health ailments. Through this journey of self discovery and continuous mastery to improve her physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, Katie discovered the simplicity of living a life full of happiness and vibrant health.

The profound results of simply self-healing the body in order to live each and every day to its highest potential led Katie on the path of seeking "true health" and studying various modalities. Katie's hands-on experience in her private practice as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Registered Yoga Therapist, and Cleansing Specialist, as well her previous 15 year career as a tennis player, provided an incredible platform for understanding the body and how each individual can implement strategies to achieve vibrant health, personal growth, and optimal living.

Along this journey, Katie has had the opportunity to learn from many great mentors: Ron Teeguarden, Master Tonic Herbalist (Dragon Herbs), Donna Gates, Digestive Specialist (Body Ecology Diet), Tim Miller, Senior Ashtanga Yoga Certified Instructor (Ashtanga Yoga Center), and many incredible Naturopathic Doctors and alternative health practitioners.