Yoga & Meditation

Breath is an element and force that is the most overlooked aspect of our life but yet the most important nutrient we have to nourish our body, mind and spirit.  Bringing awareness to the breath through meditation and yoga facilitates the the growth and understanding of our true selves.

Learning the art of coordinating the breath with movement is a transformative journey.  Modern exercise is beneficial for regulating systemic actions within the body. When the wisdom of breath is incorporated into a daily routine of both meditation and yoga the full circle of life and happiness can flourish. To be at one with nature and ourself provides a fundamental component for calming our mind and enhancing mental and spiritual clarity. The ability to successfully manage stress levels is key to longevity and quality of life.

As one progresses and feels more comfortable with the simplicities of utilizing our breath, the empowerment and desire to live vibrantly with a level of health and happiness becomes contagious by those that surround us. 

Learning the techniques and strategies for simplicity of implementation is necessary in order to create a consistent routine with the understanding of why each is so vital to the process. Life is incredibly amazing when all eight essential components are linked together within one's lifestyle. 

Stress, negativity, and hardship are inevitable, but through these techniques a strong foundation provides a level of adaptation to our environment and experiences. Be well, smile, and take responsibility for your health and happiness!

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