Primary Wellness Program

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Katie's Primary Wellness Program is designed to provide accurate advice for precise and successful implementation of various wellness protocols. Today we have more access to health and wellness related information than ever before, but understanding the effectiveness and validity is extremely important for maintaining simplicity and truth in our quest for vibrant health.

The Primary Program provides an avenue for learning essential principles for living a life of well-being and happiness according to your specific lifestyle and health challenges. Utilizing simple techniques can dramatically improve the way you look and feel.  

This program is ideal for clients whether you are new, have previously worked with Katie, or have attended an event with her and would like to ask questions regarding your wellness needs.

The Primary Wellness Program consists of:

  • 1 Hour one-on-one consultation meeting (office visit, skype, or phone)
  • Comprehensive approach for understanding specific patterns of weaknesses or dysfunction within the body
  • Action steps to implement effective strategies 
  • Knowledge and techniques for successful daily integration

For more information and to set up an appointment for wellness needs, please email Katie at: